Female Ejaculation - What is it?

by Denise Walker June 12, 2017 1 Comment

Female Ejaculation - What is it?

"An ancient Taoist master discovered that a woman, when reaching a higher point of orgasm, had different responses that produced different "WATERS." 

Three different waters, or types of fluid, were found to exist.

The lubrication experiences during arousal is considered the first water, and the fluids emitted during a normal orgasm are the second water.  Third water- that of a female ejaculation, never experienced by many women- yet all women can do it, is released from the G-spot.

With or without G-spot stimulation, there are women who experience this kind of ejaculation when they have an orgasm.  The ejaculation, which can be quite copious, produces fluid.  It is definitely not urine.  Many women who have experienced ejaculation report that they were dismayed and embarrassed at first, feeling certain that they had urinated.  

They then learned from my classes and book to withhold this reaction.  Now that women's ejaculation is known to occur, there will probably be much relief, relaxation, and increased pleasure among women who have this capacity.  

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Denise Walker
Denise Walker


I am a sexpert and intimacy coach that helps people increase their sexual education, awareness, and experiences. I am known worldwide as The Grapefruit Lady and my techniques have been featured in movies such as Girlstrip and others. I have been featured in/on Howard Stern, Ebony, Essence, Rolling Out, Adult Swim, Cosmopolitan, and many man more. My goal is to help you become your own sexpert for whatever way works for you! :)

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Hayley G.
Hayley G.

June 12, 2017

I have watched several of your YouTube videos and have used some of your techniques. I have been trying to to squirt for a very long time, and haven’t been able to do so. My man and I have tried everything. But to no avail. All the women in my family are able to do this except for me. I have survived being raped and and molestation. Which I think may be what’s stopping me? Anyway, I’ve had therapy for that and think that stop me from evacuating or he just don’t know what he’s doing. What’s the name of your book? And do you ever conduct your classes in the Chicago area? Also, how much? I really enjoy your tutorials.

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