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Throat Orgasm

by Denise Walker June 12, 2017

Throat Orgasm

Women can have orgasms when performing fellatio, especially when deep-throating, or from having a finger or two rub the back of their throat.  These orgasms are relayed to the arousal of the pituitary gland at the back of their throat, which is also a minor chakra according to Tantra. 

The experience of this orgasm might also be related to the physiological effects of holding one's breath and the suppression of the gag reflex.

When stimulated orally, some women can excrete huge quantities of saliva and mucus that can be very viscous.  Something there is even a sort of white form.  The release of these fluids is considered to be throat ejaculation.


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Denise Walker
Denise Walker


I am a sexpert and intimacy coach that helps people increase their sexual education, awareness, and experiences. I am known worldwide as The Grapefruit Lady and my techniques have been featured in movies such as Girlstrip and others. I have been featured in/on Howard Stern, Ebony, Essence, Rolling Out, Adult Swim, Cosmopolitan, and many man more. My goal is to help you become your own sexpert for whatever way works for you! :)

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