Facebook Weekly Fellatio classes

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You may know me as Auntie Angel the Grapefruitlady. But I promise you is more to me than just that. If you want to know more tricks and treats order this now. Starting on Mondays and Wednesdays I will be offering live Fellatio Class on Facebook in a private group, with a twist and a turn at 8 PM central time. I have 58 Fellatio techniques that I will be offering doing these classes. Each class will offer five techniques that will last for 45 minutes. It will also include a fantasy and  15 minutes  for Q&A.

But of course I save the best for last. The cost is only $99 for the one hour class for which I will be showing you how to use your mouth for his pleasure. Men always say women open their mouth too much but I can promise you for less than $100 he’ll want you to open… then close it… Around his magic stick for years to come.


Note; once your payment is complete please email me at askauntieangel@gmail.com your Facebook name and which day you want to take the class either Monday or Wednesday. 


Auntie Angel